News We’re empowering the people when it comes to their medicine

We’re empowering the people when it comes to their medicine

Ever thought about what goes into your meds? Now's the time to start.

We’re sure you took part in the hamburger emoji debate. When it hit the internet in late 2017, it went viral. Google’s patty then cheese, or Apple’s cheese-first burger? Which was right? Big stuff. More than 200,000 people voted online. They needed to have their say, and put it out for all to see. 

But when was the last time people cared that much about medicine, particularly the pills they keep in their homes and give to their families? At a time when companies are putting more power in the hands of the consumer, providing space for them to have their say on social platforms or online, why does the world of medicine feel static?  

The answer: no pharmaceutical company has opened up the floor. To anyone. Consumers, medical professionals, even pharmacies stick to the same meds, time and time again, without asking questions or giving feedback. It’s just how it is. 

Not anymore. 

The barrier

We believe the lack of conversation around medicine isn’t due to lack of interest. Far from it. Consumers have never been so intrigued by what goes into their bodies. 

It all comes down to the mindset adopted by many; if you’re not a professional, you don’t know enough to form an opinion. It’s ingrained. Scaring people away from giving feedback on products they use every day. 

It’s time for a new kind of pharmacy

Change is in the air. We can feel it. More medical experts are engaging with pharma companies all the time and consumers are beginning to demand more honest medicine. As long as pharmacies are transparent and open, keeping their consumers informed, the people’s pharmacy movement will continue to grow. 

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