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Made in India and proud

This is different. Three words usually tucked away on the back of a label for fear of scaring away customers, now put out there for all to see: Made in India. 

We're sure you're aware the concept isn't something people feel fully comfortable with. The idea of a product being made in India comes with bad connotations. The stereotype tells them to associate Indian manufacturing with shoddy factories and cheap or poor-quality ingredients. When actually, it couldn't be further from the truth. 

From the beginning

You could say we were ambitious from the start. We saw the U.S. pharmaceutical industry churning out meds at super-high prices and decided it needed to change. We got to work building a pharmacy that was different. One that aimed to be simpler, smarter, fairer, and more importantly – human. The values we adopted right from the beginning have helped guide us the way, and they've been at our core ever since. 

Made in the U.S. 

You've seen this on most meds. You trust it. Why wouldn't you? Well, look a little deeper and you'll discover that 80% of active ingredients in all medicines are made in India and China. In some cases, these ingredients will be taken to America where they're baked. The rest are finished in India before being shipped back to the U.S. 

Not what you were expecting? 

Made with care

Our Indian heritage begins with the grandfather of our founder, Achal. Born and raised in India but trained as a chemical engineer in Michigan, he was inspired by the innovative American spirit to open his own drug manufacturing factory back home. It would eventually become one of the world's largest producers of the active ingredient acetaminophen

Using strict ethics and practices learned in the States, he developed a network of medical businesses, all with community at their heart. Passing his knowledge down over generations, Achal’s grandfather started a lineage of healers. His family members became doctors, physicians, and pharmacists. Their mission: to make people happy and healthy. 

This brings us to today, where Achal is carrying on his family’s tradition at home in the States. 

And that’s how Cabinet was born. It’s why we decided to be transparent about our factories, and our heritage. When we stamp our meds with ‘Made in India’, we do it clearly, and with pride. Because to Cabinet, ‘Made in India’ is synonymous with healing, family, and years of learning.

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