Medicine, Health, and the Planet: Challenging the Status Quo

Medicine, Health, and the Planet: Challenging the Status Quo

Is this really the best it can be?

We can bet that at one point in your life you got sick, went to a pharmacy, sorted through a few dozen different types of medicine, chose one and hoped for the best. Sometimes the medicine worked (success!), sometimes it didn’t (boo!). Then maybe you finished up the remaining pills eventually or maybe you ended up having to toss them in the trash.

No harm, no foul. Right? Maybe on the surface it was -- nothing terrible happened and hopefully you got well when you needed to, but what about when we look deeper?  What happened to that plastic bottle after it was tossed in the garbage? How did it get on the shelves of the pharmacy? Do you know if the medicine you took was right for you? Did you pay a fair amount? 

This experience that is “meh, fine” at best is not only one we shouldn’t settle for, but it’s also masking some deep systemic issues that are currently cracking.

Let’s make getting better, better. 

We’ve been thinking about this alot; the status quo and why it’s so difficult to confront. The reality is, it’s hard to change something that meets your expectations most of the time. But what happens when people realize it can be better

We are building a world in which people have the right amount of medicine, when they need it, at no cost to the environment. A compassionate and connected health system that embraces lifestyle and individuality. It includes fair pricing, honest and transparent  information, and quite frankly one that is easy, enjoyable, and just works. 

The status quo is breaking for the better. 

We look around and see the “old way” of doing everything is breaking and being rightfully challenged. From the fragility of our public health system being exposed under the weight of COVID19, to our impact on the planet becoming more impossible to ignore by the minute it feels like we are on the cusp of real purpose-filled change that disrupts the status quo for good. 

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