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Sleep Aid - Melatonin 5mg
Sleep Aid - Melatonin 5mg
Sleep Aid - Melatonin 5mg
Sleep Aid - Melatonin 5mg

Sleep Aid - Melatonin 5mg


Cabinet Sleep Aid - Melatonin 5mg is the ideal sleep medicine to provide relief from sleeplessness as swell as jetlag.

  • Natural Liquid Melatonin – Designed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep more effectively our natural melatonin supplement can help your mind and body rest more easily for deeper sleep cycles that leave you feeling refreshed and focused.

  • Non-Habit-Forming Support – Our melatonin based sleep aids for adults are free of harsh additives and are 100% drug free to ensure they’re safe, effective, and non-addictive. That means no grogginess or tiredness upon waking up.

  • Improve Performance and Focus – This calm sleep aid not only helps you relax, let go of stress, and fall asleep more quickly it allows you to wake up feeling more refreshed and focused for all-day clarity at work or while traveling.

  • Softgels for Improved Absorption – Cabinet 5mg melatonin comes in easy-to-swallow softgels that reach your digestive system more effectively and provide faster, more efficient support when you need it most; right before you head to bed.

  • Ensure Maximum Effectiveness – We always recommend taking small steps to ensure our melatonin provides optimal support. Avoid alcohol, watching TV, or taking a tablet to bed to help improve your overall focus before going to sleep.

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