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Best Antacid for Indigestion Relief
Best Antacid for Indigestion Relief
Best Antacid for Indigestion Relief
Best Antacid for Indigestion Relief

Best Antacid for Indigestion Relief


Cabinet Antacid works to end acid indigestion and stomach pains while simultaneously offering some relief from constipation as a laxative.


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At a glance:
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • store at controlled room temperature 15° to 30°C (59° to 86°F)
Active Ingredients (in each softgel):

Magnesium oxide 400 mg (241.3 mg Elemental Magnesium)........(Antacid)

Expert Advice

Cabinet Antacid are acid reducers that act as neutralizing agents against stomach acid to secure heartburn relief. Each tablet contains magnesium oxide (also known as magnesium hydroxide), an ingredient like proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), sodium bicarbonate, aluminum hydroxide, alginic acid (derived from alginates), and calcium carbonate that treats dyspepsia (more commonly known as indigestion) to relieve your upset stomach and curb stomach acid buildup.

Cabinet Antacid has a composition that provides you fast, maximum relief from your heartburn symptoms. What’s more, unlike common brand names and products such as Gaviscon, Rolaids, Lansoprazole, Omeprazole, and Maalox, in some cases, it can be used as a laxative to get moderate relief from constipation that may be linked to your upset stomach. Having said that, this medicine treats acid indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn, acid reflux, acid indigestion, gastric acid, and more. You can also use it in tandem with select prescription drugs. However, if you do take prescription drugs, you should confer with your doctor to verify whether taking Cabinet Antacid with those drugs is safe.

That said, while this medicine is the best alternative to leading indigestion medication, it isn’t for everyone. While there are no known side effects, if you do not see any improvement in your symptoms, please call a doctor. Under no circumstance should you exceed the maximum dosage specified in the product information. For any information about FDA or OTC approval, effervescent tablets, over-the-counter medication, or anything else, please seek a health professional for medical advice.

Dr. Vandana Patel


Internal and pulmonary medicine expert with 30 years of experience with critical care medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cabinet Antacid work?

Cabinet Antacid is a formula which features the composition needed to fight against indigestion. Its main ingredient, magnesium oxide, serves to regulate the levels of magnesium in your body. Consequently, it has a dual purpose. On one hand, it acts as an antacid that treats indigestion. On the other hand, it can also work as a laxative that grants the consumer relief from occasional constipation. 400 mg of this ingredient is found in this medication which means that it has the right makeup to provide you with heartburn relief you need.

What is Cabinet Antacid used for?

Cabinet Antacid is medicine comprising antacid tablets that are designed to fight against indigestion and occasional constipation. Consequently, it works to combat heartburn symptoms such as chest pain or a burning sensation in the chest, bitter or acidic taste in the mouth, pain that gets worse when you’re sitting or lying down, bloating, and more. What’s more, it also treats other symptoms such as acid reflux, sour stomach, upset stomach, gas, nausea, dyspepsia, gastric acid buildup, and more. Additionally, it can treat symptoms associated with occasional constipation such as stomach pain, aches, irregular bowel movements, and also soften stools. If you’d like more information on how this medication compares to Amphogel, Mylanta, and others, please consult your doctor.

When should I not take Cabinet Antacid?

In as much as Cabinet Antacid is a recommended medical solution as long as you use it as specified in the directions located in the product information, it isn’t the ideal solution for everyone. As mentioned previously, if you consume prescription drugs, please speak with your doctor to determine whether you can combine Cabinet Antacid with the drugs that you are already consuming. Similarly, if you have kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart failure, heart disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease, or any previous medical condition, please consult your doctor before using this medication.

Can I buy Cabinet Antacid over-the-counter?

Cabinet Antacid is not a prescription drug. This simply means that it is not mandatory that you obtain authorization from a licensed health professional such as a doctor in order to purchase this medication. You may freely buy Cabinet Antacid from either a local supplier, such as a pharmacy or drugstore, or from an international supplier, such as an Ecommerce platform. Therefore, it counts as over-the-counter medicine. That said, in as much as it is not necessary for you to get a prescription, if you are unsure whether Cabinet Antacid is the right solution for you or would like additional health information, please consult a doctor before using it.

When should I stop use of Cabinet Antacid?

Please note that while Cabinet Antacid works to provide fast relief, it provides results within different timeframes for different people. Therefore, you should exercise discretion when expecting to see results from this medication. Having said that, if you notice that your symptoms have not improved within a few hours, please refrain from consuming Cabinet Antacid. The same applies if you realize that you are beginning to experience new, more severe symptoms after using this medication. Those symptoms may include vomiting, loss of hearing, or a ringing sensation in your ears, or anything else that may constitute a serious symptom. You are asked to discontinue consuming this medication as it may be an indication that you are suffering from a more severe medical condition that requires a different medical solution. In such a case, please get in touch with your doctor or healthcare provider as soon as possible so you can be advised on the correct course of action that should be adopted.

How many times can I take Cabinet Antacid?

It is important that each and every time before you consume Cabinet Antacid, you review the directions indicated in the product packaging that speaks to the consumption that should be adhered to. This is important so as to avoid overdosing on this medication. With that said, please note that it is best to consume this medication only with water. Consequently, it is not recommended that you take these pills with alcohol, juice, or smoothies. Take one (1) tablet per day. If you consult a physician or healthcare practitioner prior to using this medication, you may be advised to consume an amount that does not coincide with the maximum dosage stated. While this is permitted, please be reminded that you should not deviate from the instructions provided by your healthcare expert.

Can I use Cabinet Antacid while breastfeeding?

If you are breastfeeding or hope to do so soon, please inform your doctor that you’d like to consume Cabinet Antacid. This is because the ingredient composition contained in this medication may impact the makeup of your breast milk. In the event that this occurs, it may not be suitable for your baby to consume. If your doctor tells you not to consume this medication while breastfeeding, please follow their instructions. If they give you a new recommended daily dosage, please adhere to their instructions and consume accordingly.

Can I use Cabinet Antacid if I am pregnant?

Similar to breastfeeding, if you are pregnant or hope to be pregnant soon, you should speak with your doctor before consuming Cabinet Antacid. The ingredient composition may affect your unborn baby negatively. In any case, your doctor will inform you as to whether consuming this medication is safe for you and your baby’s health. Once again, if you are cautioned against using this product, please do not do so.

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