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Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu
Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu
Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu
Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu

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Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu


Provides non-drowsy relief of common cold and flu symptoms such as headache, fever, sneezing, minor pains, sore throat, runny nose, cough, and nasal congestion.

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  • Relieve Cold Flu Symptoms – A cough suppressant, pain reliever, and nasal decongestant, our daytime cold and flu formula can do it all.

  • Power Through the Day – This cold relief formula is non-drowsy, so you can stay focused and alert while on the go at home, work, or school.

  • Relieve Joint & Muscle Aches – Acetaminophen in our formula helps reduce fevers and headaches, while also relieving uncomfortable aches and pains.

  • Reduce Painful Sore Throat – An all-purpose medicine for your ears, nose, and throat, our cold and flu relieve fights a running nose and sneezing.

  • Use as Directed – These non-drowsy daytime softgels should always be used as directed. Please read package for more details on proper use and dosage 

Active Ingredients (in each softgel)

Acetaminophen 325 mg (Pain Reliever, fever reducer), Dextromethorphan HBR 10mg (Cough Suppressant), Phenylephrine HCL 5mg (Nasal decongestant)

Expert Advice

Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu is a proven health solution that any and everyone can use to combat symptoms associated with the common cold or the flu without the adverse effects of feeling drowsy. These include fever, sore throat, nasal congestion, cough caused by bronchial irritation or a minor throat infection, headache, minor aches or pains, frequent sneezing, and a runny nose. Take charge of your health with these multi-symptom flu-fighting softgels that help you feel better without compromising your daily activity. Rediscover what it means to sleep in one piece with a multi-symptom non-prescription nasal decongestant designed for pain, flu relief, and sinus congestion. Because Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu is non-drowsy, you can take the recommended dosage without worrying about feeling sleepy throughout the day. That said, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, before using this product, be sure to consult with your doctor. Also, each time you use it, be sure to verify the recommended dosage. In case of overdose, you may experience adverse side-effects. You should not surpass 4 doses within a twenty-four (24) hour time frame. If you do, you may develop liver disease. In as much as the softgels are safe, if you intend to use this medication along with other medical products, be sure to consult your doctor. Do not consume this medication with alcohol: use water instead.

Dr. Vandana Patel


Internal and pulmonary medicine expert with 30 years of experience with critical care medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my family use Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu?

Prior to using each Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu softgels, be sure to read the directions in the instructions provided as they relate to dosage and age limit. Depending on the age of the members of your family, you should not administer the medication to them. Adults along with children twelve (12) or older can consume Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu. In such cases, they should not take more than the recommended dosage which is two (2) softgels to be taken every four (4) hours. Each dosage should be taken with water and not any other liquid.

Can children take Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu?

For children between the ages of 4 and 11, confer with your doctor as to whether Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu is right for them. Under no circumstance should you provide this medication to a child that is less than four (4) years old. In any case, be sure to keep out of reach of children.

Is using Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu dangerous?

Once again, prior to consuming this medication, please review the dosage that is stipulated. Refusal to adhere to the limitations specified related to the consumption of this medication can result in liver damage. That is because this product contains acetaminophen. While the medication is harmless when used within the parameters specified, because of its ingredient composition, loading your body with acetaminophen can compromise your liver’s ability to function at its optimum.

What happens if I take more than four (4) doses of Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu in a day?

In the event that you consume more than the recommended dosage, we implore you to contact a Poison Control Center or a licensed medical professional at the earliest. Failure to do so may result in fatality. For more product information, please read the labels and instructions that come with the product packaging.

Is breastfeeding while using Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu allowed?

In the event that you are inclined to use Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu while you are breastfeeding, be sure to consult a doctor first. That applies whether you are using the medication shortly before the act of breastfeeding as well as during the time frame in which you breastfeed. In other words, if you are expected to breastfeed during a three-month period, you should alert your doctor about using Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu before you enter into the stage of breastfeeding.

If my doctor doesn’t think I should use Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu what should I do?

Your doctor may not recommend that you use this medication. If that occurs, please respect the medical opinion provided as he or she is a licensed health professional. That said, if you are allowed to use it, do not exceed the daily dosage that is specified in the instructions.

Will Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu make me drowsy?

Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu is composed of flu-fighting ingredients that do not cause you to feel drowsy. Instead, the medication fights against cold symptoms such as nasal congestion, minor aches and pains, fever, sinus infections, coughs that bring up phlegm, minor throat infections, blisters, and chest congestion without making you feel sleepy. That said, failure to adhere to the dosage instructions indicated can result in adverse effects.

What should I do if my symptoms worsen when using Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu?

Please confer with your doctor if, after using Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu, you feel dizzy, nervous, easily irritable, agitated, or have trouble sleeping at night. Similarly, if your symptoms persist, develop redness or swelling, a rash, headache, or any type of symptom, please see your doctor, health care professional, or get medical help in some way as this may be signs of a serious condition, or that you may be allergic to a medical ingredient.

Should I see my doctor when using Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu?

While Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu is a nonprescription medication that you can easily obtain over-the-counter (OTC), as is the case with prescription drugs, there are a series of reasons that should make you go to see your doctor before consuming this medication. For example, if after five days, your flu-like symptoms do not go away after using Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu, you should see a doctor. The same goes if your pre-existing symptoms worsen during the time you consume this medication.

Should I see my doctor if I experience new symptoms when using Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu?

Similarly, if you develop new symptoms while using Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu, you should see your doctor. This may be an indication that your medical condition is more serious than you had envisioned. Once again, if you intend to breastfeed while using this medication, please see your doctor.

If I have a prior medical condition can I use Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu?

If you have a history of liver disease or some type of liver warning, thyroid disease, heart disease, Parkinson's disease, high blood pressure, difficulty urinating, an enlarged prostate gland, diabetes, or any other medical condition, please alert your doctor. You should also tell your doctor if you take drug warfarin or any product containing MAIO. Depending on your medical history, you may be advised not to use this medication as it may be harmful to your body. In such cases, please respect your doctor’s decision.

Can I consume alcohol while using Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu?

When taking a dosage of Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu, you should not consume alcohol or any alcoholic drinks. This is not a flu relief liquid or relief liquicaps like other Vicks Dayquil or Nyquil medication. However, you should take each softgel with a glass of water. You should not consume this medication while drinking. Therefore, prior to using it, you should wait a few days until the remnants of alcohol have left your system. Similarly, after you have taken your last dosage, you should wait at least three days before having any alcoholic drinks. If you consume alcohol while using this product, you may suffer an adverse side effect. If that happens, please seek quick medical attention.

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