Best Breathable Face Masks [Covid Protection]


Cabinet Face Masks are the best washable face-coverings stitched with layers of cotton fabric to get you triple-layered protection when social distancing isn’t possible.


  • Breathable cotton masks that fend off respiratory droplets
  • Best face masks during a pandemic
  • Three layers of protection
  • Comfortable ear loops that can be easily adjustable
  • Flexible nose piece with a filter pocket
  • Machine-washable layer masks

    Expert Advice

    Cabinet Face Masks are strong, machine washable reusable masks that provide you with the protection that you need. Once you’ve obtained your mask kit, you’re free to do whatever personalization options you choose. These are the ideal solution for anyone; from health care workers to regular citizens who need to protect themselves. Do not lower your guard against the virus by going to your grocery store unprotected when

    Cabinet Face Masks have the right fabric to keep you safe. That said, it’s important to remember that you should wash your mask frequently to avoid contaminating yourself with the virus. Similarly, after you have washed it, please dry it either with a dryer or by putting it out in the Sun for a prolonged period of time. For any information related to CDC approval, shipping options to New York and the wider country, please check out Cabinet’s shipping policy before placing your order.

    Dr. Vandana Patel

    MD, FCCP

    Internal and pulmonary medicine expert with 30 years of experience with critical care medicine

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