Best Flu & Cold Emergency Kit
Best Flu & Cold Emergency Kit
Best Flu & Cold Emergency Kit
Best Flu & Cold Emergency Kit
Best Flu & Cold Emergency Kit

Best Flu & Cold Emergency Kit


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Cabinet Preparedness Kit is the complete survival kit for any and everyone who needs maximum protection during the flu season. Consisting of two alcohol-infused hand cleanser sprays and powerful decongestants to store in your medicine cabinet, Cabinet Preparedness Kit contains the emergency supplies you need to combat your flu symptoms.


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At a glance:
  • Doctor-approved flu survival kit
  • Featured in Forbes & Refinery29
  • Complete coverage against cold and flu symptoms
Prepares you for:
  • Clean hands and maximum hygiene protection
  • Cold and flu symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and sore throat
  • Winter weather knowing you’ve stocked up on your winter survival kit

Frequently Asked Questions

What medication is included in the Cabinet Preparedness Kit?

Cabinet Preparedness Kit is an unrivaled emergency kit and flu-fighting booster pack that contains medications that reduce fever and alleviate cold and flu-like symptoms. In this kit, you will find two hand cleanser sprays that act as sanitizers to lower the chances of you catching a bug during the flu season. What’s more, you will also find the Cabinet Pain Reliever & Fever Reducer that works to provide relief from minor aches and pains as well as treat mild fever. Finally, you will also find the Cabinet Daytime Cold & Flu along with the Cabinet Nighttime Cold & Flu which are two flu and cold serums that give you more drowsy and non-drowsy relief depending on your specific needs.

How much Cabinet Preparedness Kit can I take?

Cabinet Preparedness Kit contains three (3) cold and flu medicines. Each one of them has its own directions for use. Prior to using any of them, it is imperative that you review the dosage amount indicated on each one. Please adhere to it unless told to do otherwise by a doctor. If you feel the need to use more than one medication found in this emergency kit at the same time, please confer with your doctor. Your doctor may advise you not to do so as you may be overloading your body with flu medicine, something which may cause serious side effects. If, however, you are given the go-ahead, please do not exceed the maximum dosage stipulated by your doctor.

Who can use the Cabinet Preparedness Kit?

Each medicine found in this flu kit has a series of warning notices that dictate the persons who may or may not use each one. These warning notices detail the age range for persons who can and cannot use each medicine as well as patients who cannot consume it due to a previous medical condition. Please review this information and act accordingly. If you have any doubts, concerns, queries, or issues with regard to what is stipulated in the product packaging, please seek medical advice from a licensed health professional.

Can I give my dog medicine from my Cabinet Preparedness Kit?

If you observe that your dog is suffering from cold and flu symptoms such as sudden sneezing or a runny nose, you are highly advised to alert your veterinarian. The decision as to whether your dog may or may not be permitted to consume medicine from the Cabinet Preparedness Kit is one that your veterinarian can determine. If you are given the go-ahead, please do not exceed the maximum dosage stipulated in each packaging unless told otherwise by your vet. In case of overdose, please contact a Poison Control Center to get immediate help for your pet.

How often can you take medicine from the Cabinet Preparedness Kit?

Cabinet Preparedness Kit contains flu-fighting medication that is each governed by its own maximum dosage requirements. Every time you take any one of the medications included in this package, you are advised to review the maximum dosage that appears on each one and adhere to it strictly unless your doctor tells you otherwise. What’s more, you are also advised to check in with a doctor to determine whether you can consume more than one of these solutions at the same time, and if so, the frequency that you should stick to.

What can you use the Cabinet Preparedness Kit for?

The Cabinet Preparedness Kit features medicines that work to get you relief from flu-like symptoms. In much the same way as a first aid kit contains products that handle emergencies, so too does this emergency kit contain medicinal solutions to get you relief during winter and try times. Consequently, this kit has products that fight against coughing, sneezing, minor aches and pains, fever, watery eyes, runny nose, and other flu-like symptoms. That said, if you feel that your symptoms are more severe, find out from a doctor whether the Cabinet Preparedness Kit is the right solution for you.

When should I not use the Cabinet Preparedness Kit?

While the Cabinet Preparedness Kit is the ultimate booster pack to fight against cold and flu symptoms, the medicines in this package may not be suitable for you. Please review the guidelines indicated on each product contained in this package to determine whether this medication is right for you. If you notice that your symptoms are severe, please seek medical help. What’s more, if you observe that your symptoms do not improve after a few days of using this medication, please check in with your doctor.

Can I use Cabinet Non-Drowsy Allergy Relief Kit if I am breastfeeding?

Prior to using any medication found in the Cabinet Preparedness Kit, if you are breastfeeding or hope to breastfeed soon, you should find out from your doctor whether this is the right medication for you. If your doctor is against you using it, please respect their medical opinion and refrain from consuming the medication found in this kit.

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