Best Senokot Alternative
Best Senokot Alternative
Best Senokot Alternative
Best Senokot Alternative
Best Senokot Alternative

Best Senokot Alternative


Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative is an overnight stimulant laxative that provides constipation relief, softens your stool, and promises bowel movement in record time.


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Expert Advice

Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative is the ideal alternative to Senokot that guarantees gentler relief from constipation while simultaneously promoting more regular bowel movements. Like Senna, Senokot, and other laxative products, Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative is an easily-accessible over-the-counter solution that contains two ingredients that work together to provide you with the relief you need. On one hand, the infusion of docusate sodium in this laxative works to soften stool to guarantee smoother bowel movements and reduce instances of rectal bleeding. On the other hand, the presence of sennosides, a vegetable laxative ingredient, serves to relieve constipation. By using a natural vegetable laxative, you can be sure that this solution will help you with occasional constipation in the most natural and healthy way possible. Take advantage of a laxative that restores your regular strength by putting an end to constipation symptoms such as stomach pain, bloating, and abdominal pain. That said, while this stimulant laxative is a stool softener that promises you fast relief, it isn’t the best solution for everyone. If you experience any sudden change in your bowel movements, please see a doctor. What’s more, if you notice that your symptoms do not improve after the timeframe in which Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative is expected to work, please alert your doctor. You should adhere to the maximum dosage indicated for this laxative. In case of overdose, go to a Poison Control Center as soon as possible. If that isn’t possible, visit the nearest health professional to you. If you’d like to learn about OTC or FDA approval, how this laxative meshes with mineral oil or pregelatinized starch, drug interactions, or any product information, contact a healthcare professional prior to using Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative.

Dr. Vandana Patel


Internal and pulmonary medicine expert with 30 years of experience with critical care medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative work?

Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative is a medical product that works to soften stool and promote bowel movement. This medication contains both sennosides and docusate sodium that work together to provide gentler, easier constipation relief.

What is Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative used for?

Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative is to be used to provide relief from bowel constipation and to soften stool before defecating. Consequently, this medication is used to curb all symptoms that derive from the aforementioned. This includes stomach pain, abdominal pain, frequent rectal bleeding, bowel constipation, irregular bowel habits, and bloating. That said, if you experience any of the symptoms above in conjunction with others that were not mentioned, please see a doctor as that may be signs of a serious condition. Under no circumstance should Cabinet Stool Softener be used to treat any symptoms other than the ones indicated above and on the product packaging.

How long does it take Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative to work?

Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative is a fast-acting medical solution to ease bowel movements. Usually, you can expect relief within 6-12 hours of using this medication. That said, you may expect a bowel movement in a shorter or longer time period. Therefore, you are advised to take this estimation as a general guide so that you can have a sense of when you can expect this medication to work. In the event that 12 hours have passed and you have not had a bowel movement, please contact a health professional as soon as possible as this may be an indication that you are suffering from a more severe medical condition. Once again, you are urged to see a doctor if your symptoms do not improve after consuming Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative.

Can I buy Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative over-the-counter?

Cabinet Softener & Laxative is not a prescription drug. This means that you do not have to be in possession of a prescription from a licensed medical expert to purchase this medicine. Consequently, you can purchase it over-the-counter at a local or international distributor, be it a pharmacy, drugstore, or Ecommerce platform like Amazon. That said, if you are unsure whether Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative is the best solution for you, please speak with your doctor prior to using it.

If I have a prior medical condition, can I use Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative?

In as much as Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative is not a dangerous product, it may or may not be the right solution for you. For example, if you experienced severe stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, severe headaches, sudden weakness or diarrhea, prior to using this medication you should speak with your doctor as that may be an indication that you are suffering from a different medical condition that may require another type of solution. Similarly, if you notice a sudden change in bowel movements, please check in with your doctor.

When should I stop using Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative?

While Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative works for mostly everyone, there are times when you should desist from consuming this medication. For instance, if you observe rectal bleeding, be it consistent or infrequent, you should stop consuming this medication. Likewise, if you cannot produce a bowel movement within an acceptable period anticipated in the product’s timeframe, then you should cease using this product. As stated previously, if you observe that no improvements in your symptoms then that is an indication that you need to stop using this product. Additionally, if you realize that after using this medication, you are beginning to experience new symptoms, please stop use immediately. That may be an indication that you are experiencing an allergic reaction to one or more ingredients.

Does Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative have any side effects?

Like with most medications, persons who consume Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative may present side effects. Those may range from enhanced stomach pain, stomach cramps, throat irritation, severe coughing, and wheezing. If that occurs, stop using this medication immediately and see your doctor as soon as you possibly can.

How many times can I take Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative?

On the product packaging which contains Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative you will find the directions that stipulate how this product should be consumed. You should not deviate from those directions. Each time before you use this medication, please double-check its instructions. You are advised to consume this medication at night prior to going to bed. That said, if you go see a doctor prior to using it, you may be advised differently. In any case, both children who are twelve (12) years of age and older along with adults can either take two (2) tablets once a day or four (4) tablets twice a day. Children who are between six (6) and twelve (12) can take either one (1) tablet once a day or two (2) tablets twice a day. Consult with your doctor for children who do not fall within that age group

Can I use Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative while breastfeeding?

You should confer with a health professional about Cabinet Stool Softener & Laxative if you are breastfeeding now or expected to breastfeed in the immediate future. If your doctor does not think that this medication is ideal, please respect their medical advice and refrain from using this medication.

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