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We’re constantly checking in with our Cabbies to make sure we’re providing the best possible care for you and the environment.

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Frequently asked questions


Cabinet is proud to be a B-Corp Certified company. As a B-Corp, we prioritize minimizing our carbon footprint, water waste, and material waste.

More deeply, Cabinet looks at sustainability as a lifecycle, meaning we think about sustainability at every touchpoint of our business. Our lifecycle includes manufacturing, transportation, product, and the end of life for those products.

Cabinet is focused on sustainable innovation in how we produce our products, the packaging, and how we transport them to you. In the coming months, we will look to systematically improve sustainability across our entire supply chain including our manufacturers.

Innovating in the pharmaceutical space is exceptionally challenging and there are a number of reasons why the industry has not adopted sustainable solutions quickly. These include the need to navigate regulatory and safety requirements, working with supply chain partners to innovate on packaging and production processes, and the high cost of adopting sustainable practices.

At Cabinet, we've spent the last few years focused on innovating from within, using our 3 generations of manufacturing expertise to build more sustainable healthcare products.

In the last few years, innovations in sustainable packaging, increased consumer demand for sustainable options, and the reality that our environmental health is directly connected to our physical health have driven our ability to build sustainable products. We're proud to play a role in driving our industry towards a more sustainable healthcare future.

Cabinet has developed the only non-plastic packaging in pharmaceuticals to address the 194 billion single-use plastic bottles produced by the industry every year. In addition to sustainability in packaging, we invest in plastic offsetting for any plastic still produced in our supply chain, while also providing carbon neutral shipping for all of our customers.

We know we still have work to do, and as a certified B-Corporation we regularly measure our environmental and social impact to identify opportunities for continual improvement.

Profits from Cabinet sales are reinvested for research and development (R&D) as we build The Sustainable Healthcare Company.

Your initial order will be sent with one of our new glass bottles (we've spent years perfecting these for strength and durability!). Medicine refills will be sent in a pouch made from compostable materials.

Medicine Quality

Our medicines are sourced from ethical, world-class manufacturers that have been audited by the FDA and our founders have known for a lifetime. Like 40% of the medicines Americans take every day, ours are made outside of the U.S. Most companies try to hide the fact that they’re made elsewhere by saying “distributed by the U.S.”. Not us though. We are as proud of “made in India” as we are our own family. After all, it is a family of sorts – our relationship with the people that make our medicine goes back three generations.

Did you know that there are 3 drug recalls every single day? Cabinet is the first healthcare company to conduct batch-level quality testing through a 3rd party lab for allergens, carcinogens, gluten, and purity. This ensures that every batch of medicine that goes to market is high quality and free of harmful ingredients.

For those with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, we know how hard it can be to find safe medications and products you can trust. Every single bottle of Cabinet medicine is tested for gluten by an independent 3rd party lab. All products that meet or exceed the less than 20 ppm (parts per million) gluten regulation set by the FDA will have a gluten-free tag on the PDP (product detail page).

For now, we are only selling over-the-counter medicines but have plans to expand into prescriptions in the future.

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