News Enough with endless medicines - we're cutting through the drugstore confusion.

Enough with endless medicines - we're cutting through the drugstore confusion.

Everyone wants to get better. We’re no different. To make sure we keep giving you the service you expect, we want to be at the forefront of change – always working to improve what we do for you.

If it ain’t broke

It’s not our goal to develop new medicines. There’s little use in throwing out ingredients which work perfectly, only to look for the same result. We use the same high-quality, FDA-approved ingredients in our products which have been used in the industry for years.

Focused on people

Our innovation lies in the ways we make medicine accessible and understandable for all. We stand out from the crowd by making it easier for you to receive and access meds than ever before, offering personal health advice and better care before and after you buy. It’s here that the research is yet to be done, and we aim to lead the way.

More than meds

Good health means the world. Looking after the planet has a direct impact on our health, so as a medical company it’s our responsibility to look after the environment. We use recyclable packaging for all of our products (check out our travel kits, made from recycled pineapples and bottles) and are working towards using fully recycled materials. We’ll always maintain complete transparency about how green our supply chain is. We know there’s a long way to go and we’re not quite perfect yet, but we’re conscious of our need to improve.

Never settling Being a new company means we can be flexible, evolving to the thoughts and needs of our customers. If there’s a better way to do something, we want to know.

Health is never one-sided. It’s a conversation that needs to be had, we hope you can help us start it.

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