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All of our factories are FDA-audited, ensuring world-class manufacturing processes and healthy sourcing. After leaving our factories, your medicine goes straight to a Valisure laboratory where they are tested for purity, safety (safe from carcinogens and impurities), and gluten (medicines are gluten-free).

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We will always keep prices fair and honest, especially when you need us the most. Ask us more about our "pay-what-you-can" policy for those in need.

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Avoid an unwanted trip to the pharmacy. Cabinet delivers directly. Perfect for sending to friends or family who are unwell and need your help.

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Cabinet has developed the first and only non-plastic packaging in pharmaceuticals to address the 194 billion single-use plastic bottles produced by the industry each year. In addition to sustainability in packaging, we invest in plastic offsetting for any plastic still produced in our supply chain, while also providing carbon neutral shipping for all of our customers. 

The answer to this question depends on what “type” of pain you’re experiencing. From a splitting headache to back pain to chronic pain, there are different pain medications for different kinds of pain.

When it comes to medicine, you want to take the most effective medicine, with the least amount of risk. The same principle applies to pain relievers.

The good news is that you can make less trips to the local drug store, and help the environment, by replenishing your stock of pain medicines here at Cabinet.

Tension Headache Relief

Having a stressful week? Our Tension Headache Relief is a good option for quick relief of head, neck, and shoulder pain that may come with stress and tension. This product is a combination pill that contains acetaminophen and caffeine.

Compares to: Excedrin® Tension Headache

Best for: People looking for quick relief of headaches and stiff neck due to stress or tension.

Please refer to Tension Headache Relief FAQs for more detailed information.

Pain Reliever and Nighttime Sleep Aid

Is your pain affecting your ability to fall asleep? Our Pain Reliever & Nighttime Sleep Aid provides gentle relief against minor aches and pains while helping you feel sleepy. This product is a combination pill that contains acetaminophen (for pain) and diphenhydramine (for sleep).

Compares to: Tylenol® PM

Best for: Individuals who are looking for pain relief options that also cause sleepiness.

Please refer to Pain Reliever and Nighttime Sleep Aid FAQs for more detailed information.

Pain Reliever & Fever Reducer (Acetaminophen)

This pain medicine is a classic OTC drug that reduces fever and alleviates pain, with acetaminophen as the only active ingredient.

Compares to: Tylenol® Extra Strength

Best for: People who want fast and effective relief from fever and minor aches/pains (i.e. headache, back pain, muscle sprains, tooth pain, arthritis, and menstrual cramps).

Please refer to Pain Reliever & Fever Reducer (Acetaminophen) FAQs for more detailed information.

Extra Strength Headache Relief [Coming Soon]

As the name suggests, this medicine offers fast-acting, strong relief for splitting headaches. It’s also highly effective for migraines. The product is a combination pill that contains acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine.

Compares to: Excedrin® Extra Strength

Best for: Individuals looking for quick and powerful relief against headaches or migraines. This should not be used with other medications that include acetaminophen.

Pain Reliever & Fever Reducer (Ibuprofen) [Coming Soon]

Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that provides fast relief from different kinds of pain, including headaches, menstrual cramps, arthritis, and muscle sprain. It can also reduce fever.

Compares to: Advil® (and also Motrin®)

Best for: Individuals looking for instant relief from mild or severe pain or inflammation.

Pain Reliever (Aspirin 325mg) [Coming Soon]

Aspirin is the one of the most widely-known OTC pain medicines. Tablets containing aspirin 325mg can help relieve headache, inflammation, and minor arthritis pain.

Compares to: Ecotrin® Tablets

Best for: Individuals who want a strong solution for inflammatory pain.

Pain Reliever (Aspirin 81mg) [Coming Soon]

This medicine, also known as 'baby aspirin,' contains the same ingredient as the one above, but includes a smaller dosage of 81 mg. Low dose aspirin is not generally used for pain, but doctors often recommend it daily for heart attack or stroke prevention. Never take aspirin 81 mg daily, unless instructed by your doctor.

Compares to: Bayer® Low Dose Aspirin Regimen

Best for: People who have been prescribed daily aspirin therapy by their health care provider.

For chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia, most painkillers offer short-term solutions. And even then, a phenomenon known as “breakthrough pain” can overcome the effects of those medicines. For this reason, a permanent change in lifestyle can help a person cope with chronic pain.

Some tips include:

1. Practice deep-breathing and meditation, as they’re known to relax the body.

2. Develop a workout routine. Exercise releases endorphins that can boost your mood and block pain signals to some extent.

3. Quit drinking and smoking, as they weaken the immune system.

4. Work with a pain management provider to find the best therapy for you.

In addition to taking pain medicine, try the following:

1. Lie down and rest in a quiet, dark room.

2. Apply cold or hot compresses to your head.

3. Take a small amount of caffeine.

4. Avoid potential headache triggers (i.e. stress, certain foods, alcohol).

Apart from taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), here are some tips on how to reduce the pain stemming from a muscle strain:

1. Avoid any activities that could further strain the affected muscle.

2. Apply cold compress to the affected area to reduce inflammation.

3. Keep the strained muscle elevated. This will help decrease swelling.

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