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What is the Best Sleep Aid?

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night – you’re not alone. In the US alone, approximately 50 million people suffer from some form of sleep disorder. While there could be potentially countless reasons why a person loses sleep at night, there could be long-term consequences if the underlying cause goes untreated.

In most cases, a simple change in lifestyle is all that’s needed. However, at times, a little help from sleep aids (otherwise known as sleeping pills) is required.

That being said, as with every other medicine and ailment, our stance remains the same: The “best” sleep aid depends on what could be potentially causing you to lose sleep in the first place, along with any other ailments that you might be suffering from.

Luckily for you, Cabinet has a sleep aid for almost every occasion.

For instance, if you’re looking for a natural sleeping aid, you can get our Melatonin supplements. Or, if you’re looking for something extra, you can go for our Diphenhydramine Sleep Aids.

We also have something for those who want to relieve body pain and sleep well at night – our Pain Reliever and Nighttime Sleep Aid. In case you want a complete package – especially for travelling – you can always get our Sleep Aid Kit.

Interested in learning more? Let’s take a deeper look into all of these sleep medications.

Pain Reliever & Nighttime Sleep Aid

This sleep medicine is a two-in-one. It provides effective relief against minor body aches and pains, and then gently carries you to a world of slumber.

How does it work? This product comes as tablets including Acetaminophen (500mg) and Diphenhydramine HCl (25mg) as the active ingredients. The Acetaminophen plays the role of the “pain reliever.” It doesn’t treat the underlying cause of the pain, but elevates the pain threshold of the body, providing short-term, but instant relief. Meanwhile, the Diphenhydramine (also found in Benadryl) acts as the sleep aid, by blocking the activity of Histamine, a naturally-occurring substance in the body that prevents daytime sleepiness and keeps you awake. Diphenhydramine is a type of antihistamine (just like Doxylamine, but more cost-effective and with less potential side-effects).

What should I know about it? This product includes a significant dosage of Acetaminophen. If the daily intake of this drug exceeds 4,000mg, you could potentially damage your liver. That is why, if you’re currently on any other medication with Acetaminophen it in, it’s advised that you look for another sleep medicine. If you have a history of heart disease/complications and/or liver problems, consult your doctor before taking this medicine. Furthermore, limit your intake of alcohol. If the insomnia/sleeplessness persists for 2 weeks, contact your healthcare provider.

Compares to: The product compares to the active ingredients found in Tylenol® PM.

Best for: People with temporary minor body aches and pain who don’t want their condition to affect their sleep quality.

Sleep Aid - Diphenhydramine 25mg

This product is one of the best, non-habit forming OTC sleep aids for occasional insomnia and sleeplessness.

How does it work? This medicine includes Diphenhydramine HCl (25mg) as the only active ingredient. As mentioned earlier, Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine (i.e. it acts by suppressing the activity of Histamine, which is a substance that keeps you awake). By doing so, it induces drowsiness and delivers better sleep at night.

What should I know about it? Do NOT give this medicine to children under the age of 12. If you’re currently on any other medication with Diphenhydramine in it (whether oral or topical), share this information with your physician and they will recommend another sleep aid. Finally, limit your intake of alcohol as long as you’re taking this medicine.

Compares to: It compares to the active ingredients found in ZzzQuil®.

Best for: These sleeping pills are perfect for individuals who need an effective solution for occasional insomnia.

Sleep Aid Kit

Looking for a trustworthy kit to sort out poor sleep problems (like jet lag and occasional sleeplessness)? You can always rely on our Sleep Aid Kit to work its magic.

What’s inside the kit?

Here’s everything that you’ll get in your Cabinet Sleep Aid Kit:

1. Sleep Aid - Diphenhydramine 25mg

2. Sleep Aid - Melatonin 5mg

3. A sleep mask

4. Eucalyptus & Peppermint Therapeutic Shower Tablets (6)

This kit has been curated by professionals who know just how to keep those sleep issues at bay.

Best for: People who travel frequently and deal with jet lag or just occasional insomnia/sleeplessness.

Sleep Aid - Melatonin 5mg

The last product on our list is the Sleep Aid – Melatonin 5mg. It is a natural sleep aid, with very little side-effects.

How does it work? This non-prescription medication includes nothing but Melatonin as the active ingredient. Melatonin is a naturally-occurring substance in our bodies that regulates the sleep-wake cycle (the cycle that’s meant to keep us awake during the day and keep us asleep at night). At night, when it gets dark, our body starts to produce Melatonin, which makes us sleepy. At times, our body needs a little help. Taking a supplement – such as these natural sleep aids – can help.

What should I know about it? Pregnant and nursing women should not take this medicine. If you’re currently on any other drugs with sedating effects, talk to a doctor before taking these pills. Additionally, this medicine is only meant to treat jet lag and day-to-day sleeplessness. Melatonin is not recommended as a long-term cure for chronic insomnia (as declared by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine). Finally, make sure that you don’t take this medicine before any activity that requires you to stay awake (such as driving, operating a heavy machinery, shift work, etc.).

Compares to: This product is just a natural sleep aid and doesn’t compare to any specific brand.

Best for: These supplements are perfect for those who want a quick (yet gentle) solution for jet lag and sleeplessness.

Why Choose Cabinet?

Want to know why you should purchase sleep aids from Cabinet?

Here are just a few of the many reasons we’re trusted by thousands of people all over the US:

Pocket-Friendly Price Tags

All products – from cold medicine to sleep aids – sold on Cabinet are fairly priced. We don’t overcharge our customers and are strictly against earning unfair profits by capitalizing on ailments.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re offering special discounts to deserving people under our “Pay-what-you-can” policy. Contact one of our reps today to learn more.

Delivered to Your Doorstep

Can’t run to your local pharmacies to restock your cabinet?

We’ll deliver your medicine to your doorstep. We deliver all over the US, except for in Oregon and Louisiana.

Nothing to Hide

All of the medicine in our stock is produced in top-notch facilities in India and come in NFC-enabled bottles.

With the NFC technology, you can simply scan the Cabinet logo on one of our bottles using a mobile device and get complete details of that particular medicine.

Approved by FDA

Last but not least, all of our medicine and the facilities where they are manufactured are audited and approved by the FDA.

What are Some Common Sleep Disorders?

As highlighted earlier, there are several sleep disorders/problems.

The most common ones include:

1. Insomnia – usually a result of stress, jetlag, a serious underlying conditions, and/or even genes, insomnia is the inability to fall asleep at night. Around 60 million people in the US are affected by insomnia.

2. Sleep Apnea – sleep apnea is a serious, yet treatable medical condition in which the person’s breathing stops, causing them to wake up.

3. Narcolepsy – a person with narcolepsy will experience intense daytime sleepiness and occasional episodes where they suddenly fall asleep.

Other common problems that could disrupt your sleep cycle include restless leg syndrome (RLS) and REM sleep behavior disorder.

How Can I Adjust my Sleep-Wake Cycle?

If you’re currently in the process of fixing your sleep-wake cycle – our body’s internal clock, otherwise known as the “circadian rhythm,” that is regulated by body temperature, darkness, and other factors – here’s what you should do:

1. Don’t nap at odd hours during the day.

2. Save that snooze for later. If you’re feeling too tired, take a 20-minute power nap.

3. Strive to wake up at the same time every day. This can be challenging at first, but with a good alarm clock and a little discipline, you’ll eventually stick to a routine.

4. Don’t use electronics at bed time. Put away your smartphone, switch off your TV, and shut down your laptop. The blue light emitted from electronic devices can affect your internal clock.

5. Mediate before bedtime. Deep breathing and other relaxation techniques will help you release any built-up stress.

And of course, you can take a sleeping pill at night if you’re tossing and turning in bed.

Do all of the above, and eventually, your sleep patterns will return back to normal.

Are There Any Natural Sleep Aids Other Than Melatonin?

Besides Melatonin, the following natural sleep aids are highly effective:

1. Valerian Root – this sedating herb has been used for its calming effects since ancient times. It works by increasing the production of GABA in the body, which is a chemical that calms the body. You can either take Valerian in the form of tea or as herbal supplements.

2. Kava – this is a root that can deliver calming effects. It’s available as both dietary supplements and tinctures. However, Kava isn’t 100% safe and may cause liver damage. Don’t take it without consulting your doctor first.

3. Chamomile – a plant, which, when taken in the form of tea, can induce a restful sleep and help decrease anxiety.

4. Purplepassion Flower – this is a perennial vine that can relieve anxiety and even insomnia.

Finally, remember not to take any sleep aids with alcohol.

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