News Operations Hold the Line - New York Relief Efforts

Operations Hold the Line - New York Relief Efforts

New York has been the hardest hit US City by the pandemic. If you're in New York or have a loved one in New York, find us on UberEats under "Cabinet"  


When the pandemic hit, our team created some simple kits with hard to find essentials -- acetaminophen, cold & flu medicine, and hand cleanser. We put out a discount for healthcare and frontline essential workers, selling them at a loss with just enough to pay the salaries of our team members.

The response was heartbreaking.

We knew first hand from families and friends that hospitals were short of resources, but we didn't know just how bad it was... 

Within a couple of days, we received thousands of messages from doctors, nurses, and pharmacists asking for supplies for their families. Medical professionals and volunteers, who after working 72-hour shifts, went to their local pharmacy to pick up supplies only to find an empty shelf... 

Cabinet's a small business and team, but we're pushing to the front.

We'll continue to offer discounts to healthcare & frontline workers for as long as we can. 

Last week, we collected our inventory, set up mobile distribution units in New York and are focused on delivering to New Yorkers within an hour. Partnering with Showfields in Manhattan and using UberEats for additional distribution, we can now get people health essentials just as fast as delivering a pizza.

We're working through the kinks and figuring challenges out as we go, but we will not stop until families and the frontlines have the support they need.

To our healthcare and frontline workers -- If you need anything from us, we will rally around you and get you what you need. 

Cheering you on, always. 

Cabinet Founders - Russ & Achal

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