News Are self-diagnosis and lack of professional care damaging our health?

Are self-diagnosis and lack of professional care damaging our health?

The average American makes 26 visits to the drugstore every year to buy over-the-counter meds, compared with just three trips to the doctor’s office. To us, this seems a little off-balance. Is it because those people don’t require proper care, or don't need questions answered by a professional? We don’t think so. 

It’s most probably down to lack of time. Life moves fast and taking a few hours off to visit the doctor seems unachievable. Maybe the health issue is only minor, and a quick Google of symptoms gives you a list of meds to buy. Self-diagnosis always seems good enough, until it isn’t. 

The problem with this way of doing things is the lack of any expert knowledge. You walk into the pharmacy, ask for a product and part with a few dollars. There’s no doctor behind the counter and no aftercare plan in place. It’s a transactional relationship which benefits only the pharmacy and could be damaging to our health. 

We want different. We demand better.

We all need help and that’s okay

When you’re burning up with fever and shivering with chills, the last thing you want is to stand in the pharmacy aisle trying to decide which medicine you need. Our solution is to offer medical advice 24/7, so you can make informed decisions about your health. 

The right diagnosis for you

Medicine isn’t DIY, so please don’t try. That’s why we’re here. From questions about dosage to allergy concerns, in times when you need instant answers, we provide clear and digestible information that you can access around the clock. Plus, before you buy any meds from us, we'll tell you exactly what they’re for and what they do.

Sometimes we need more than just a pill

Drug stores should be about more than just medicine, we want to bring back friendly expert service and thorough aftercare. Tell us a bit more about yourself and we can personalise your service from start to finish. We’ll even check in with you once your meds have arrived, to make sure you’re happy and answer any questions.

From now on, we’ll do the thinking, so you don’t have to.
Giving you everything you need to get better, quicker.

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