Your Prescription, Our Promise: See How Much Plastic Waste You'll Save With Cabinet®

Your Prescription, Our Promise: Eco-Friendly Glass Bottles for a Cleaner Planet. Learn how you can reduce your plastic footprint & micro-plastic consumption.



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Packaging Constituents Motif

1. Stackable, Shatter-Tested Glass Bottle.

First and foremost, to address the huge plastic issue, each starter set comes with a shatter-tested, frosted glass bottle.

Before any product is available on our website, each medicine or supplement goes through extensive stability testing in the glass bottles. Lab technicians conducting these stability tests study how each medicine performs in our glass bottles when exposed to various temperatures and light.

2. High Quality, Batch-Level Tested Products

We talked about the plastic issue, but did you know there are (on average) 3 drug recalls every single day? According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)1 , there were 1,490 and 891 drug recalls in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Regardless of whether they’re brand name or generic, prescription or non-prescription, recalls happen.

Cabinet is the first healthcare company to conduct batch-level quality testing for all our medicines. Before our medicines and supplements are packaged, they’re first sent to a 3rd party lab that tests each batch for purity and presence of carcinogens, gluten and allergens. All products must pass testing before they're sent out, so you can be sure the medicine you’re taking is high quality and free of harmful ingredients.

3. Child-Resistant Cap

Enacted in 1970, the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA)2 requires a variety of household substances, including medicines, to be packaged in child-resistant packaging. Such packaging must be designed in a way where it’d be difficult for children under five years old to open within a reasonable time, but easy enough for the average adult to open.

All Cabinet glass bottles come with certified child-resistant caps. If you have young children at home, it’s recommended to transfer medicines from the refill pouches into the glass bottle as soon as possible. If this isn’t possible, make sure to store medicine pouches away from the reach of children.

4. Magnetic Drug-Facts Label

Each pouch includes a magnetic drug-facts label that attaches to the top of the cap. This label contains:

  • Important product information including: medicine name and strength, brand name equivalent, indications, instructions, and warnings

  • A QR code that, when scanned, directs you to the product page where you can access more detailed medicine information or purchase a pouch refill

  • A lot number

  • An expiration date

5. Compostable Refill Pouch

All medicine comes in a refill pouch. Our refill pouches are made from 100% compostable materials (compliant with ASTM D6400 guidelines) and keep medicine fresh and safe.

When you receive your starter set, simply open the top of the refill pouch and empty the pills into the glass bottle, then open the bottom of the refill pouch, and place the magnetic label onto the lid.

A Note on Labeling

The FDA has very specific laws3 around the labeling of over-the-counter (OTC) medicine. All OTC medicine must have a Drug Facts label that includes:

  • The product’s active ingredients and dosages in each dosage unit

  • The product’s purpose

  • What the product can be used for (indications)

  • Specific warnings and side effects of the product

  • Dosage instructions

  • The product’s inactive ingredients

Full Drug Facts labeling can be found on all medicine refill pouches and is also summarized on all magnetic labels. As mentioned above, you may also scan the QR code on the magnetic label to access the full Drug Facts label.

And there you have it—everything that comes in a Cabinet starter set. When you finish your medicine, you can scan the magnetic label to order a refill pouch. Once you receive the pouch, empty the medicine into your glass bottle, replace the magnetic label, and you’re good to go!