Ever thought about how much plastic you use on a daily basis? It’s a lot more than you may think. Most daily activities involve the use of plastic and non-renewable waste; from shopping at the grocery store, to brushing your teeth, to even taking a shower. We built Cabinet to address a not-so-often thought about area of plastic use; medicine bottles!

By shopping with Cabinet, every purchase does its part in reducing the amount of waste introduced to our fragile environment. When you order medicine from Cabinet it arrives in a carefully packaged fully compostable pouch. On our website, in every cart, a banner displays the amount of plastic kept out of the environment due to that particular purchase. Our calculation factors in how many pouches you're purchasing and, if you have refillable jars in your cart, how many times an average customer refills a jar. It is important for our customers to see, firsthand, the positive impact that they can have on our world just by shopping with us.