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You’re not alone. A recent study showed only 12% of American adults are ‘health literate’. That means a huge proportion of people struggle to fully understand important information related to their health. Confused by medical jargon and complicated instructions, they’re left in the dark. And the rest of us aren’t much better. We take meds with blind faith, trusting the 'super fast-acting’ or similar claims on the packet.

It’s time the medical industry was more open, honest and genuinely helpful on a personal level.

Time for a shake-up

The pharma industry has been churning out meds since the mid-1800s so it’s no surprise things are feeling a little dated. While there have been incredible medical advancements since then, pharmacies have never really moved on from the assumption 'people want to feel better, they don’t want the details'. Over time, this has created a relationship with medicine which is purely transactional.

The new reality is this: people care about what they put in their bodies. They care about the origin of ingredients, the process it takes to make something, the environmental impact a product has. They want all the information, even the technical bits, so they can learn more.

You, but more empowered

We understand you want to know more about what you buy. From where ingredients are sourced to the factories and people who help make it all possible, as well as clear, simple descriptions of the meds you buy and how they work in your body. You’re right to expect all this information, and more, so you can make decisions about your health.

The trend for transparency has already taken off in fashion, food, home cleaning products and more.

We’re calling for pharmaceuticals to do the same.