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Gluten-free verified
Gluten-free verified
B-corp certified
B-corp certified
Free carbon neutral shipping over $45
Free carbon neutral shipping over $45
Refillable & stackable
Refillable & stackable
Batch level tested
Batch level tested

Meet the only sustainable
medicine system

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Build a bundle that meets your unique needs, save NaN% with undefined items.
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Buy your forever bottle now, refill when you’re ready. Get 15% off your first refill.
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Don’t let plastic prescription bottles pile up, get your Rx filled in a forever bottle and save hundreds of pounds of plastic over your lifetime.
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Curated bundle of medicines that treat ailments like pain, sleep, allergy and cold & flu.
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Save yourself a trip to the pharmacy, refills are shipped in compostable packaging.
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Your health depends on

the health of the environment
194B+ plastic medicine bottles are made yearly, with most of them polluting the environment.
Refillable & Stackable Bottles
Refillable & Stackable Bottles
Keep your cabinet organized and plastic-free with forever bottles. 
Buy once and refill for life.
Compostable Refills
Compostable Refills
Eliminate excessive plastic waste with each refill and compost the packaging!

Highest quality medicine that science can offer

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I love the refillable glass containers. The magnet on top ensures I know what to take and how often, easy stacking saves so much room.
CAB-10001-Allergy-Relief-lifestyle-q=90Shop Allergy Relief
Love the eco-friendly design and can't wait for them to offer more varieties
Elizabeth T.
CAB-10027-Pain-Reliever- -Fever-Reducer-Acet-lifestyle-2 croppedShop Pain Relief
Took care of my headache, and I love the compactness, environmental friendliness, and style. All the products reduce a medicine cabinet full of various sizes and shapes of bottles and boxes to two neat stacks.
Becky H.

Join us on the ride to a plastic-free future

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