“This is a great idea. It’ll be a long road, but if you do it this will be a fantastic model,” said Jon Silverman, the Senior Vice President of Product for Grove Collaborative. With that encouragement, we were on our way to building the world’s first refillable medicine system.

What is Grove Collaborative?

Grove Collaborative is a sustainable marketplace built to bring quality sustainable and unique products to customers across the US. A leader in the space, Grove Collaborative has paved the way for companies like Cabinet to explore new categories in sustainability. Additionally, Grove will be 100% plastic-free by 2025 which aligns with our mission of eliminating single-use plastic in medicine. 

5 Reasons This Partnership Will Make A Huge Impact

1. Beyond Plastic

Grove isn’t just an accidental or convenient partner—we both share a vision of eliminating single-use plastic in medicine.

2. Commitment to Quality 

Grove’s vendor and product selection processes are extremely rigorous. Their commitment to quality is second to none and gives us confidence that our products are in excellent hands at Grove.

3. B-Corp Certified Company

Just like us, Grove is a B-Corp Certified company! They’re a trusted partner and are audited regularly on their environmental, governance, and overall impact.

4. Mission-driven Team

Throughout this launch, we’ve gotten to know some incredibly smart, talented and funny people at Grove who share our same values. We love working with people that we’d actually want to hangout with in our free time. Shout out below to the amazing friends we’ve made a Grove so far!

5. Progress Over Perfection Mindset

Building sustainable products and brands in unchartered territory is extremely challenging. We love how Grove takes it head on with a positive attitude and a commitment to always be better.

How Do We Measure Success With Grove?

With Grove, we want to eliminate 1,000,000 lbs of medicine plastic from the environment. With each purchase of a Cabinet product, you can reduce up to 1 pound of plastic—so, we’ve got some major work to do!

Partnering with Grove means introducing sustainable healthcare and offering sustainable medicine to as many people as possible. Through this process, we hope to learn alongside Grove about building better sustainable healthcare products and new products in the future.

From The Medicine Cabinet, To The Kitchen Sink

As people working for a sustainable healthcare company, we’re always on the lookout for ways to minimize our impact in our own homes. Grove is absolutely the easiest and most reliable source when it comes to finding safe and sustainable products for our home. Check out their website to find simple product swaps for your home to be as sustainable as possible.

Grove Shoutout

A special thank you to Stu, Jon, Phil, Erin, Sophia, Kristin, Carlyn, and Alli! We couldn’t have gotten here without you.