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Fast Company awards Cabinet Health as one of the most innovative social good companies of 2022.

New York, NY: On March 7th 2022, Fast Company named Cabinet Health one of the 10 most innovative companies of 2022 in their social good category. The award recognizes Cabinet Health’s innovation of a sustainable medicine system that eliminates single-use plastic with refillable medicine bottles and compostable refills. Other winners in this category include Warby Parker, Neste and Beyond Good.

“This award underscores the importance of sustainability in healthcare and our mission to eliminate single-use plastic in medicine,” says Russell Gong, co-founder at Cabinet.

"In a moment of devastating carbon emissions, [and] soaring waste...customers are demanding that the companies from which they buy step up to the challenges," says Talib Visram, staff writer at Fast Company, and Cabinet is at the top of a list of companies that "not only address the issues, but make solving them the very core of their business."

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About Cabinet Health: Cabinet is a certified B-Corp company improving the environmental impact of healthcare and quality of medicine. Their first mission is to eliminate single-use plastic in medicine by selling specially designed sustainable packaging for medicine along with high quality medicines, supplements and soon prescriptions. Their medicine categories cover a variety of health issues from allergy relief and sleep, to cold and flu and digestive relief. Cabinet was founded by two close friends, Achal Patel and Russ Gong, when they combined their experiences in medicine and sustainable product development. They formed a team of mission driven experts to harness the pharmaceutical industry as a force to combat plastic waste and broader climate change.